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Mingham Modern Chinese Language School (MMCLS), established by groups of Chinese volunteers and parents, is a non-profit supplementary school in Birmingham. The school is to provide Chinese history, culture, music, literature background and learning environment for children aged from 5 - 18 to learn Chinese Mandarin.

MMCLS has a group of well-qualified teaching professionals from various teaching background. From 2002, the school started to provide GCSE Chinese level course. Since then, students have been achieving 100% A star or A grades. In 2009 the school started to teach AS Level Chinese.

There are more than 160 pupils with 12 classes of different age groups. The school Chinese courses cover from beginning level to most advanced level and has extended its service to a wider community including British and other Asian backgrounds.

The school is now governed by a school committee and a school management team is responsible for its school running.

MMCLS is one of the largest Chinese Mandarin teaching schools in UK. The school is aiming to promote Chinese education and culture and to pursuit excellence in all aspects of our children’s education.

MMCLS holds the bronze award certified by NRC.

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